A baby turns to be a FULL PLEDGE LADY

Here’s another Backlog Post Last year Due to lack of time because of tiring school requirements I forgot to do this post for my Friend and a Former classmate of Mine Jessa Obra . I’m a year older to her and she’s my sister not in blood by soul 🙂

I’m Proud to present to you my Dear Friend Jessa



Her Debut was Held at Cabalen Market Market last October 21,2012 here how it looks at the venue

374171_3996007263235_252535430_n 28064_3996006263210_1808973624_n 178991_3996005383188_186178809_n 249311_3996004783173_2104280183_n

The party goes smoothly and here are some photos during the 18 Candles


Jessa Obra With our Friend and Former Classmate Donita Bravo


Jessa’s Little Sister giving her birthday wish for her sister

who can’t resist to hear those wishes from your closest ones and especially to your little sissy who were wishing you all the best by putting all her best 🙂


the 18 Candles

And here we go to the other bulk of pictures the 18 Roses


Jessa with Kirk Legacion


Jessa with his Older Brother


Jessa with her Loving and very Supportive Daddy!


Jessa with her Loving and very Supportive Daddy!


Jessa with Kirk Legacion


Jessa With his Brother Jessie


Jessa with my Former Classmate Justin


and that’s not all here are some compilation of pictures during the 18 Gifts



and the Exciting part for a Debutant is to receive her 18 Blue Bills or the 18 Thousands

644016_3354632563576_1545948631_n 486331_3996359392038_1661995957_n 525114_3354520760781_354860009_n 531111_3996359232034_1156676176_n

and for the Food Enthusiast out there, Who can’t loved the Filipino Delicacies in a buffet like this hearing out the plates, spoon and forks, the wine glasses and the murmurs of everyone in each food. yummy isn’t it ? though you’re in a diet once the food where serve in front of you, you can never resist it especially when its palatable,it’s presentation, colors and the herbs and spices that your smelling were great!

And to start the Feast the Debutant must blow her Candles and make a wish! 🙂

534518_3996493955402_1496155392_n 407595_3996492795373_1448462588_n

560659_3996119306036_1509479039_n 556_3996111385838_540386438_n 66253_3996011023329_1203322744_n 523003_3996111225834_1752575219_n 533742_3996114025904_743622857_n 533876_3996117465990_1939822474_n 544870_3996104385663_410106671_n




The most Happiest part for a Debutant is to hear the wishes of her very special Family especially the speech that is Coming from her Parents. As we all know once a parent give his/her child a word it just pass by but once it is done in a right time a tear will run down to their eyes

222401_3354593242593_1990100085_n 285662_3354546721430_1260231211_n 532724_3354574882134_1050927232_n 559485_3354566081914_1325910822_n 644606_3354555961661_1293043921_n 222401_3354593242593_1990100085_n (1)


As We grow older the more we get stronger and bolder. but with this kind of experience we will reminisce each details because it will serve as an idea for us that we we’re a person who had experience a once in a lifetime event in our life.

A compilation of the Debutant’s Picture with her Family

599782_3996047064230_12457979_n 33847_3996027823749_1657467601_n 46484_3996045624194_997440637_n 317273_3996017743497_1650532023_n 409005_3996028143757_710550884_n 530808_3996100625569_282572173_n

To end up the Story and Catch up memories here are the photos before the parting time

156687_3354650004012_1533217563_n 254272_3354694645128_1610968604_n 387927_3996055544442_1499739574_n 404635_3354725445898_2059950671_n 481022_3354640443773_325414650_n 561781_3354697445198_730914168_n


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