One for One

I Created this post not to boast that I have a new pair of TOMS Shoe but to tell everyone that by just buying a pair of Shoes from TOMS you already helped a child to have one, Isn’t it good that in a simple way you’ve helped a child to walk with shoes and later on there is no child walking on bare foot. Since the season is appropriate I encourage you all that GO! you can give TOMS Shoe as a Gift. Christmas is not just about receiving gifts it’s all about How Jesus was born and How our God loved us that he Gave his only son for Us, so why not give when you have . Giving gifts doesn’t need to be expensive let us use our Imagination, I’ve read some post of TOMS Fair in Philippines they customize their own shoe and its on a hand paint isn’t it so unique? I’m the person who will get those shoe will thank you for with all their hearts because you do it. Here are some photos of the Advocacy of TOMS Philippines and TOMS 



One for One is Name of the Campaign of TOMS for those Children to give them a bright Future by just giving them a Shoe.


 So try it on TOMS Shoes are Comfy, Stylish and Vibrant buy one and Wallah!  you’ve already help one Child buy just purchasing one 🙂


 My Mom send this new pair of TOMS for me it’s her Christmas Gift For me and I remember that Advocacy of One for One. If I do have a Christmas Gift of a TOM shoe so it means A child will have too  isn’t great 🙂 Image


 I love my new set of TOMS! 🙂 do you think it’s style and design is unique? Let us all Help them by supporting their Mission 🙂

So guys for the Final say I’ll leave you the banner and the Video of TOMS Philippines and TOMS 

TOMS Giving Partner – We International Philippines



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