17th Anniversary of Our Church Hansarang Mission Church

I decided to blogged it On August 21 but unfortunately the data’s were crashed 😦 but I still thank God that he restores it after viewing my blog i noticed I have one Draft that is not yet published on my blog as I see on my status I retrieve all the data’s in this blog

Let’s proceed with the true content of this blog I’ll just share to everyone how happy and enjoyable is our 17th Anniversary of our Church, Hansarang Mission Church and the theme is “Realization of the Remnant Missionary’s”


Every Celebration there will be a battle of presentations in Every Regional Churches Everyone were excited to it and the good thing to it some of them was impromptu but still they give all their best not to please us who are watching them but giving back all the GLORY and HONOR to GOD!  here are some photos taken during the first half of the celebration.

Sorry guys for the low quality picture, OK  Let’s  go back to our topic before we proceed to teach those children we use to gather them and teach them to Pray and listen to the Word of GOD. Every year the Sunday School Department prepares for a presentation that would be presented with the Young Professionals, Deacons and Deaconess and to the Pastors and other Remnants.

After gathering them, we all set them to a forum which they could share their answer prayers within the week and their prayer topics As the Sunday School Teachers teaches them the importance of the Gospel those Children barely know that they should share the Gospel to their friends, classmates and family, but those children widen their knowledge that all the people they see and interact with in their field need the GOSPEL. As a result to it these children knows that they are not just doing Philippine Evangelization but WORLD EVANGELIZATION.

whoo! guys are you excited within the latter part of the celebration, want to sneak out? here are some photos that I could share to you. hope you like it!



 And it will not complete at all if I forget an Outfit post!, of course for the sake of humanity  don’t forget that!  it should have an Outfit Post for it to be completed! 🙂  hoped you like my Outfit just don’t mind my facial expression or my pose , I just love to Imagine that I’m a Model though not at all 🙂 but I’m sorry guys for the low quality of the pictures just click on the picture and it will popped out in other tab and you’ll see the best quality of it

As we Enjoy the Gospel and Salvation we have, I’m presenting to you guys the Youth Leaders and our Mentors of Our Church

The Celebration is not complete if there were no wacky shots! Do you all think guys that Youth of our generation is the one who participates on wacky shots? No! you’re all wrong as a proof to it here is our Wacky Shot With our Sr.  Deaconess Joan Leliza and again I’m sorry for the low quality photos 😦 just as what you do to my outfit post just click on the picture to view it out clearly

Our Group College Group decided to have a Booth in our Celebration we’ve created some freebies at affordable prices like Bag Tag, Key Chain with a variety of Small – Large and T-shirt imprinted with the theme.

Before the party ends, I know some of you were asking where are the photos of the foods that are being served during the celebration? I will not let you crave longer here is the photo.

Thank you guys! in reading out my post! until my next post!  See yah! Up next would be Our Monthly Remnant Day Celebration! 🙂


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