Wish List

I’m Craving for these items!!! 🙂 let’s start with Shoes!

the First is Jeremy Scott Adidas Shoes the Unique style and being Colorful are the reason why I’m attracted to it. I want to wear this while dancing, I think I can feel the grooves and moves if I wear this type of shoes.





the second one is the I.aM.mE crew Shirt, I.aM.mE is the Champion in the 6th Season of America’s Best Dance Crew. Their unique Dancing skills,moves and grooves makes me move and dance 🙂 I love this Item because of the Unique style we all know that the uniqueness of a person is from it’s THUMB MARK and I.aM.mE Crew has this uniqueness 🙂 





Are you Asking why do I love these items? the reason are First I love to Dance the Second one is the Uniqueness of the styles and being colorful. Lastly is I’m Sure If I will wear this while I’m dancing, I can feel into my nerves the Grooves and moves that I make. 🙂 



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