Remnant Festival a.k.a Field Trip

Giving Time to Praise and Serve God is the Best thing We’ve Done, I’m  Glad I Knew God at the Early age I know how to serve him. Saving souls is my Mission Sharing the Gospel is my Ultimate Goal. 


with Ave Lee


Nessie Velasco , Cherry Paras, Sarah Ann Jamilla Faciolan ( The Power Puff Girls)

it’s Thursday night!! A night for serving God ops! but also to see the beauty of his creation! our First stop is at Star Theatre



Our Mission here is to find Restaurants or Fast Food to feed our Stomach With “ROXAS”

but before we reach the seaside we decide to take some pictures for remembrance. Giggling each other, Sight Seeing haha! Soul searching for GOD’s Glory





after that Kulitan we Reached the seaside and as usual we took pictures of the seaside we’ve seen people who kept on fishing on the bay and got some bait for the fishes and whoolah! they got fishes!



” I won’t Dare to Question GOD why I undergo Pains and Challenges…Because I Never Question him when I experience Pleasures and Victory.”


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