Safari Inspired Look

Finals week for College Students like me considered it as hell week but rather to get my books and notebooks to browse my lesson I’d rather do a Cam Whoring 🙂


It’s also a Sunday Fun day so I decided to wear something that is so related to the day. As of that day I’ve been troubleshooting , I still don’t know what to wear and atlas! Whoolah! an idea came up to me to wear safari as I reminisce the photo of my two toned safari nail art (shown below)

As I go out and enjoy the rest of the day, everybody used to say “naka-naks blooming!..wala kang pasok/ Hindi ka busy ngayon ah!” haha! as if I’m not busy like them!


After the all day long Worshiping and Praising GOD and giving all the Glory and Honor to him. I’ve decide to review my notes and Realize that I don’t have much time to settle all requirements I should pass. Thinking that I’m wearing the Safari inspired look “RAARR!” I shouldn’t make my enemies sees me weak so I GO GO GO! and FIGHT FIGHT! to PASS!



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